Study on Earth Pressure by Norbert Giesler
The study investigates the question of why severe damage frequently occurs in structures subjected to earth loads – even though all the calculation standards (e.g. Eurocode 7) and the relevant construction regulations have been observed. The study on earth pressure encompasses 6 chapters. 1. Introduction (general information, tasks in hand, study structure, materials and methods) 2. Earth pressure theses and their appraisal (Coulomb's and Mohr's theories, current and new teachings, etc.) 3. Calculation of soil properties (extension of the multi-phase system of solid-state physics) 4. Soil behaviour and force build-up according to the New Theory (with foundations, underground pipes, and piles, etc.) 5. Accidents caused by earth movements (collapse of the Historic Archive in Cologne, and landslide in Nachterstedt) 6. Summary (basics of earth pressure teachings and New Theory, references, tables).
© Norbert Giesler 2016  
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